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Author's NoteS. J. Knight is a published author and former Australian Broadcasting Commission radio scriptwriter, who has written a wide range of material over many years, including bible plays for young and old, and seven children’s books.

In more recent years the author’s true passion was found in writing scriptural novels for adult readers. The first of these was A Time To Hear, which began as a serial for a magazine, and was later adapted as a musical stage play (now published by Xlibris to benefit amateur performance groups).

“The characters were so real to me that I had to find out what happened to them – and then what happened next … I ended up with a trilogy. A Time To Hear, A Time to See and A Time to Speak.   A Time To Act is a segue from these books, in which a few previous characters reappear. I hope it will be the first of a second trilogy.

As a writer I’m a time traveller. I love being transported back to the reality and physicality of the biblical world, which to me is always there, on the other side of an unseen door, waiting to be experienced. Stepping through that door helps 21st Century readers to see the scriptural records shining in their full original context, and to better appreciate their relevance to modern lives.

In writing about ordinary people in extraordinary times – people just like us – I hope to inspire in others a similar sense of immediacy, empathy, and connection with the great events of scripture.”